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Steve Pincus from Pincus and Lespron PLC contacted us at Beyond Video to help him create several short informational videos for his website.  Here are a few photos of the scene set ups and some beyond the scenes shots of the video shoot.


Welcome to Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Home in Tucson AZ


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Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Home is a licensed Assisted Living home in Tucson AZ which is designed for individuals who need more than minimal assistance. The staff provides a caring home atmosphere and the kind of care you would choose for your loved one to have. Owner, Anthony Diaz has dedicated himself to caring for individuals since 1976.

Click on the link to take a tour.

Filming at Rosa's Chante Assisted Living Home

Filming at Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Home

AERO Sprinkler Foam Test


AERO Automatic Sprinkler Company tested 6 foam generators which are used for fire suppression in a newly built airplane hanger.  The first day tested the water sprinkler.  The second day tested the foam sprinkler.  The foam needed to cover the entire surface up to 3 feet deep in 3 minutes.  The foam actually rose to about 6 feet which is about 2 feet lower than our camera position.

With our 2 cameras we were positioned on a lift that rose 6 feet in height. We were harnessed in for safety reasons.

The most exhilarating part was when the foam started to pile up.

Check it out for yourself from this short video clip of the testing.

“Our experience with Beyond Video was very enjoyable. Your company was professional and provided many useful ideas to complete the project on time. Aero Automatic Sprinkler Co. would like to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.”

AERO Foam Test

AERO Foam Test