Client Testimonials are Powerful and Very Effective


Client Testimonial ~ Reviewing the footage

Client Testimonial ~ Reviewing the footage

When choosing a company, business or organization to work with or do business with I always do my research.  In checking the reviews about businesses it’s always refreshing to watch a short video clip of a satisfied client.  CLIENT TESTIMONIALS are very powerful tools.

Here’s what G A Wright had to say about working with Beyond Video. I think it sums it all up.

“Excellent results! Beyond Video helped us to shoot a quick turn testimonial for our retail client. We were not able to be on site for the shoot, but had consultant available to guide our retail client. However, the consultant had not done a video testimonial before. Beyond Video knew exactly what to do for the shoot and how to make our client and consultant feel comfortable. They worked with us on editing and even helped clean up graphics we provided. The final video was exactly what we wanted and looked wonderful. We will definitely contact them again if we need a video in Arizona.”

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Helping Businesses Build Their Web Presence


Steve Pincus from Pincus and Lespron PLC contacted us at Beyond Video to help him create several short informational videos for his website.  Here are a few photos of the scene set ups and some beyond the scenes shots of the video shoot.

Academy Village Promotional Video


Creating the Academy Village Promotional Video.

Creating the Academy Village Promotional Video.


Academy Village is a vibrant and friendly retirement community in Tucson Arizona ideal for active, independent adults who have no intention of retiring from life.

Beyond Video was asked to create a promotional video so the residence would be able to share their community with others.

While filming Mary and I took  pictures from behind the scenes of creating this video.

Here’s a montage of behind the scenes and in the making of the promo.  Click on the photo to watch the montage.

Behind the scenes in making of the promo.

Behind the scenes in the making of the promo. Thanks Mary for the photo.


With the help of many of the residence we were able to create a video that shows the facilities as well as the warm inviting environment.  Without each and every person involved in front of and behind the scenes we wouldn’t have been able to make this video.

All the actors are “real” residents of the Academy Village community.

Sit back and enjoy learning more about Academy VillageClick here to watch the promo.









An Author Shares His Story


Thinking about why you’d want to make a video?

You could:

  • Share your message,  provide information, get the word out…and the list goes on.

Raymond came to us wanting to promote his play.  We suggested he might want to share some information about himself so people could have some background information on him.

Raymond’s first book was a book of poems.  His latest book/play is entitled, “The Private and Public Life of King Able”.

We sat down with Raymond to find out more about the inspiration for his book and to find out more about him.

In Raymond Keen’s drama, The Private and Public Life of King Able, we are introduced to a man and king no better or worse than the rest of us.  He is a king about to learn some hard lessons from a silent and sinister enemy.  But is it too late? . . .

 Here’s the promo video.



Welcome to Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Home in Tucson AZ


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Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Home is a licensed Assisted Living home in Tucson AZ which is designed for individuals who need more than minimal assistance. The staff provides a caring home atmosphere and the kind of care you would choose for your loved one to have. Owner, Anthony Diaz has dedicated himself to caring for individuals since 1976.

Click on the link to take a tour.

Filming at Rosa's Chante Assisted Living Home

Filming at Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Home