Surprise Party and more…


 Being able to create a montage to show at a surprise birthday party is rewarding…but to be able to capture the look on her face as she walks into a room full of her friends and family is PRICELESS!

Surpirse Party

Surpirse Party

We love creating montages for special occasions especially when it’s a surprise for someone.  Not only did Beyond Video make the montage that was shown at the surprise party but we got to see the look on her face when she arrived.  We also recorded comments or “confesstionals” as David liked to call them of the guests that attended.

Here are a few emails we got after the event was over.

An email received.

“Thank you so much for you help at Elaine’s party. She was genuinely surprised, and has called it her best birthday ever.”
You both played a big, big part in that.
She loved the montage and is anxious to see the confessional and your recording of other events. (This is not to ask you to hurry up….just an expression of her joy.)”

The next email received.

“Thanks again for all of your help. You guys were the lynchpin that made the whole event come together….even “beyond the video” (if you’ll excuse the poor pun) by recommending a harpist and with your other advice.”

From the birthday girl:

“The quality of the video was superb. I was the birthday girl at my surprise event. I was so joyfully overcome that I did not remember much of the evening, but thanks to the video genius of Glen and Annyce Meiners, I was able to see everyone gathered before I arrived at my surprise party as well as the important highlights of the party itself. They also put together another video of my life set to music which brought happy tears to my eyes. Not only did I have the most wonderful birthday, but thanks to the expertise of Beyond Video, my children, grandchildren and I will enjoy that evening for many years.”

If you have a special event to be recorded, keep us in mind!