Beyond Video and CE Entertainment helping with the Pride Guide Wedding Expo Show June 7, 2015 at JW Marriott Starr Pass


Our Video Editor Glen Meiners with a little time on his hands.  His post…

On June 7th , Beyond Video worked with CE Entertainment at the Pride Guide Wedding Expo at the JW Marriott Starr Pass in Tucson. It is always fun working with Marc, but this time our booth was next to his so we had the chance to do a little extra video.

Marc @ CE Entertainment

At the Pride Guide Wedding Expo working with Marc @ CE Entertainment.

His oldest daughter was assisting Marc at his booth and pulled double duty as a model in the fashion show. Later, Marc provided some spontaneous dance fun which was completely unexpected and unrehearsed hence the term spontaneous.

See which of the two videos you prefer of CE Entertainment doing its thing. At Beyond Video, we can’t decide which video we prefer.  Click on the Clip and watch.

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                              Clip # 1

Clip 1

Clip 1




Clip # 2

Clip 2