Pima County Courthouse Wedding

Ella & Wallace get married at the courthouse.

Ella & Wallace get married at the courthouse.

2015 started off with a first for Beyond Video.   We filmed our first courthouse wedding and hopefully many more courthouse weddings will follow.

Some of you may be wondering why you would hire a professional videographer for such a short ceremony.  You could just have someone record your ceremony on their cell phone and you would have a basic video.  On the other hand there is a lot of excitement leading up to the actual ceremony and immediately afterwards.  With careful editing you can complete your story of your ceremony at the courthouse.  It’s much more than a 5 minute ceremony.

Otherwise your ceremony could be 5 minutes with memoreies of your vows fading with each passing year.  Even though you may not want a big wedding with all the expenses and planning that goes with it, you will still want to remember your wedding.

Consider contacting Annyce and Glen at Beyond Video to film your wedding ceremony at the courthouse.

Here’s what we produced for Ella & Wallace’s day for them.  Notice it’s more than the ceremony and with some unplanned excitement.

                                       Ella & Wallace’s Wedding FILM at the Courthouse

Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse Wedding

Your friends and family can now watch your courthouse wedding even though they didn’t attend.

We can even create a montage of your pictures from you courthouse ceremony as we did for Ella & Wallace.

Courthouse Wedding Montage

Ella & Wallace's photo montage.

Ella & Wallace’s photo montage.



4 thoughts on “Pima County Courthouse Wedding

  1. Here’s what Ella had to say about working with us.
    “Memorable…I believe you will not go wrong choosing Beyond Video to record your special event. All you have to do is tell Beyond Video what you want and believe me you will be overwhelmed with the results. I am still watching my courthouse wedding DVD several times a day. I can’t get enough of it! I can’t wait for our next special event so that we can call on Beyond Video; because, I know they will make it a more than memorable event.”

  2. It’s important to acknowledge endorsements, referrals and reviews of our services so here’s what I replied to Ella when she reviewed our services on https://www.weddingwire.com/beyondvideo

    “We didn’t know filming your courthouse wedding would turn into a mini movie short. Working with you, Wallace and your family was so enjoyable. Even though the wedding ceremony was short we feel we got to know you and your family and were able to surprise you with shots you weren’t even aware we were taking. We look forward to more adventures with you and Wallace.”

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