John Proposes to Mona

John Proposes to Mona

John Proposes to Mona

Paris…the Eiffel Tower…What could be a more romantic place to propose?  John thought so too.  In fact he wanted to surprise Mona by creating his version of the proposal that would be shared at their reception.  This clip is part of the entire montage that John Smalley Productions and Beyond Video wrote and produced.

John had Mona’s sister, Hana, get in on the fun by having her take Mona’s role and act out John’s perception of how he thought the proposal played out.  Even right down to the details, Hana wore the dress Mona wore the night of the proposal.

click on the link A John Smalley Production

John, the dancer

John, the dancer


2 thoughts on “John Proposes to Mona

  1. As Mona, John and the guests watched the video we filmed Mona & John’s reactions. We’re looking forward to sharing Mona’s reactions when she watched the John Smalley Productions version of the wedding proposal.

  2. Here’s an email I got from Mona:

    “I loved working with Glen and Annyce from Beyond Video. They are full of creative ideas and they were dedicated to capturing the full experience of our wedding. They even teamed up with my fiancé to create a special surprise for me at the reception. Beyond Video created a slideshow of pictures from our childhood that was really beautiful and we showed that as we sat down to dinner. As soon as it finished, another video came on and it was a collaboration that my fiancé had created with Annyce and Glen. It was a re-creation of John’s proposal in Paris with my sister playing the part of me. It was hysterical and such a surprise! I loved every second of it and it made me feel incredibly special. I would recommend Beyond Video to anyone who wants to truly capture their wedding.”

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