Wedding Video Tips

Check out this site for free tips for planning a stress-free wedding.

Tip #1 There is no such thing as a stress-free wedding. However, Beyond Video can take the stress out of capturing your wedding memories.

Tip #2 Select a date & venue 1st. Get on your videographer & photographer’s calendar right away. Good videographers & photographers are booked well ahead & usually do one event per date. Beyond Video tries to limit itself to one or two events per weekend.

Tip #3 View samples of the videographer & photographer’s work. See Beyond Video’s video gallery. Ask for testimonials from previous clients.

Check back soon for more tips. Share your wedding experiences here and how you dealt with the stress.


5 thoughts on “Wedding Video Tips

  1. I had a most positive experience using Beyond Video as the videographer for our son’s wedding last fall. Both the bride and groom were convinced they would be happy with only professional still photos and having a videographer was unnecessary. Luckily, my friend gave me some very important advice. Remember it is their wedding but remind them that some of the guests may not be around in a few years and the video will capture not only the wedding ceremony and reception but also the friends and family who attend. I passed on her advise and they agreed to have a video made. The videography team at Beyond Video gets to know the wedding couple and the family personally and is able to capture the memorable parts of the event as well as the fun and personality of those participating and attending. Our video is a family treasure.

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